Convertisseurs de pression pour matières en fusion Type 4 ADM-35 (404450)

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  • Measuring ranges: 50 bar...2000 bar
  • Medium temperature: up to 480 °C
  • Parts coming into contact with the medium: Stainless steel, Inconel or Hastelloy as an option
  • Mercury-free version as an option

Avantages client

  • Uncomplicated and economical
    To date, melt pressure transmitters were typically used with a 2 mV/V or 3.3 mV/V output signal. On the control side, however, this requires either special signal inputs or an additional measuring amplifier for the conversion to a standard signal. Thanks to the use of new electronics, the melt pressure transmitters from JUMO are optionally available with an analog 4..20 mA standard signal or with a digital CANopen signal. This allows the probes to directly connected to the generally used standard or fieldbus signals of control systems and display devices, and results in lower cost controls, simplifies installation and creates more space in the switch cabinet.
  • environmentaly friendly
    The NAK (sodium-potassium) filling medium is a real alternative to conventional mercury. NAK is a liquid an environmentally sound, non-toxic alloy.


  • Plastics processing
  • Processing technology
  • Chemistry

Les convertisseurs de pression de type 4 ADM-35 sont utilisés pour mesurer la pression dans les domaines suivants : transformation des matières plastiques, contrôle des procédés industriels et industrie chimique.
Le convertisseur de mesure de pression travaille suivant un principe de mesure à jauge de contrainte.